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Фото Geely Hao Yue
Year: 2020
Geely Hao Yue
  • Engines: 1.5T 177 hp, 1.8T 184 hp
  • Ttransmission: manual|automatic

Geely Hao Yue: Specifications, prices

Common features
Traction front wheel drive
Engine type  
Cylinders / Valves 4/16
Compression ratio  
Displacement, cm3  
Power net, hp 177184
Torque, Nm  
Driving range, km  
Max speed, km/h  
0 to 100 km/h  
Fuel consumption  
Fuel capacity  
Battery pack, KWH  
Body style crossover
Doors / Places 5/5-7
Length 4835
Width 1900
Height 1780
Track (front/rear)  
Front suspension  
Rear suspension  
Front brakes  
Rear brakes  
Ground clearance  
Curb weight, kg  
Gross vehicle weight  
Turning circle  
Standard tires  

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