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Фото JAC HFC 1061 K
  • Transmission: manual 6-gears
  • Brakes: pneumatic
  • Engines: 3.8L TD 120 hp
  • Payload 3000kg
Year: 2006

JAC HFC 1061 K: Specifications, prices

Common features
Traction rear wheel drive
Engine type турбодизель CY4102BZQ
Cylinders / Valves 4/8
Compression ratio  
Displacement, cm3 3856
Power net, hp 120 (2800)
Torque, Nm 343 (1800)
Driving range, km  
Max speed, km/h 100
0 to 100 km/h  
Fuel consumption ДТ
Fuel capacity 120
Battery pack, KWH  
Body style грузовик
Doors / Places 2/3
Length 7115
Width 2090
Height 2170
Track (front/rear) 1665/1485
Front suspension leaf spring
Rear suspension двойные рессоры
Front brakes drum
Rear brakes drum
Ground clearance 200
Curb weight, kg 3300
Gross vehicle weight 6300
Turning circle 14
Standard tires 7.50R16 одно/двухскатные

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